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Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed. -Proverbs 19:17

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House of Ruth Ministry is dedicated to the work of God as he spoke in Matthew 25:42-43 ” When I was hungry, you gave me no meat: I was thirsty, you gave me no drink. I was a stranger, and you did not take me in: naked and you did not give me clothes, sick and in prison, and you did not visit me.'” We are the hands that reach out to the lost, broken, and helpless ones. We are the feet that go in the trenches to shine the light of hope for over six years now in one of the hardest-hit areas of Bakersfield.

Our Causes

House of Ruth Ministry’s principal cause is to be a source of hope to those who are victims of abuse, addictions, and homelessness in our community. Our doors are open daily to men, women, and children, giving them hot meals, groceries, hygiene supplies, and clothing along with many other resources. For the past seven years we have been able to have a Thanksgiving Feast which has fed over 200 people; with the help of great volunteers like the 4×4 Jeep Club of Bakersfield and other people from around the community. Though it seems like a never-ending journey, the House of Ruth Ministry will continue to fight the hard fight that many are not willing to make the sacrifice and to bring about a change for people of all races and ages who have no one else to fight for them.


You Have The Power Today To Change Tomorrow

House Of Ruth knows that we are better together: we can only make the changes in the lives of people and families with the support of our community. We are the voice for those who have no voice and the hands and feet to the hopeless. However, you are led to help, be it monetary, donations of food, clothing, or maybe you have shelter and resources. We welcome you to be a part of being the change in someone’s life.

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